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Le 29 novembre

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Adresse :

1 esplanade General de Gaulle


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Tarifs :

25 €

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MPL Cédric, Manu, Arthur, Julien and Andreas are MPL. In 2020, their sophomore album L’Étoile put them in the spotlight. With more than 200 concerts to their name, they’re gathering a growing audience and are treating each show like a special space of artistic expression. MPL fabricates the music of their time with the help of a whirlwind of guitars, a bass and electronic drums.  MPL is a parchment that unfolds like a tale. They’re 5 endearing guys facing storms and screaming their feelings at them. They have catchy melodies, poetic lyrics full of images and landscapes and they have the will to go against what society is imposing. They’re men of their time who make interrogations flourish and who dare to be something the old world isn’t expecting. Their new album Bonhommes comes from that perspective of endless questioning of their masculinity and affirmation of their sensitivity. 

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